Ted Rigoni Photography - Galleries Thumbnail - Peek A Boo

During the end of October, 2019, I visited Peek-a-Boo Canyon, one of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument’s stunning slot canyons. This was my second visit to the canyon, and I felt much more at home, and far better equipped to capture some of the stunning formations and beautiful colors of this rare gem.

On my first visit to the Escalante, I did not really get a feel for what the canyon had to offer, as I spent more time trying to photograph the sky, and not listening to what the canyon was trying to tell me. On my second visit, I actually felt the emotion evoked by the canyon; the results of my visit are here for you to see.

The images in this collection were all collected during a single three (3) hour visit, with clear skies, cold temperatures, and very little canyon pedestrian traffic, allowing an opportunity to literally own the canyon for that morning.

As I made images of the canyon, I took advantage of the early morning light filtering into the canyon, providing stunning colors against its bending, folding and crenelated walls. Shapes in the canyon seem to change as the sun slowly rises, allowing narratives of just what the canyon represents to mirror that change. Does the canyon simply represent a short and visually entertaining jaunt for hikers into its narrow walls, a site rife with imaging locations for the serious photographer, or a mysterious trail within the seemingly numberless side canyons of the Escalante area? No matter the audience, the canyon is slow to give up its secrets, always challenging its visitors to complete their own narratives, as they navigate its hidden paths.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I did in taking them!